Persona 5 Cosplay Ideas

Persona 5 Cosplay Ideas

Persona Costume

Having a great costume for your character in Persona is a great way to show off your skills in the game, but the best part is that it is not as expensive as you may think. In fact, the best way to find a costume is to search online. Just make sure to choose the costume that is suitable for your character.

Phantom Thief

Compared to the other Phantom Thief costumes, Morgana’s outfit is fairly tame. However, it is a nice Phantom Thief costume. It features a yellow bandana with a foxtail. It also has a utility belt.

Kasumi’s Phantom Thief costume is reminiscent of the Joker’s. Her outfit has spikes on her shoulder pads, and a metal mask. It also has steel-toed boots. It’s one of the coolest costumes in the game.

Haru’s Phantom Thief costume has a cool look. It’s one of the few Phantom Thief costumes with a hat. It’s also one of the few Phantom Thief costumes that has color. It’s also one of the quickest Phantom Thief costumes.

Akechi’s Phantom Thief costume is different from the other Phantom Thief costumes. It features a black mask that resembles chaos. It also has a heavy contrast. It’s also one of the best Phantom Thief costumes in the game.

Makoto’s Phantom Thief costume is another one of the coolest costumes in the game. It’s a black suit with spikes on the chest plate. It also has steel-toed shoes and iron knuckles. It’s also one of the most unique Phantom Thief costumes in the game.

Haru’s outfit has a few details. It’s one of the few Phantom Tief costumes that has a hat. It also has a cavalier hat. It also has grenade launcher rounds. It’s also one of the cheapest Phantom Thief costumes in the game.

The Phantom Thieves of Hearts fight against a complex slavery system. They also exploit the supernatural to bring freedom to the world. They also have a lot of different outfits.

In addition to the Phantom Thieves, there are several other Personas. They are very interesting characters.


Whether you are looking for cosplay ideas or simply want to have a little fun, the Anime Persona 5 Joker Cosplay Resin Mask is a great way to show your fandom. You can wear it at a party, a convention, or even on a costumed stage.

Joker is the main protagonist of the game Persona 5. The Persona 5 game is a spinoff from the original Persona series. The game is set in Japan, and features a number of different characters. In Persona 5, Joker is a transfer student at Shujin Academy. He is also trying to get good grades and earn money through part-time jobs. Joker is also trying to find a girlfriend.

Joker is usually portrayed as a nerdy and rebellious character. He often wears dark attire and glasses. He can also be seen wearing casual winter wear or summer wear. He also likes wearing hipster glasses.

Joker is usually seen holding a black and silver pointed dagger. This dagger has a circular hole in the handle. Joker uses this weapon in battles. Alternatively, Joker sometimes uses a gray pistol gun, which is also a ranged weapon.

Joker’s real name is Akira Kurusu. He is the leader of a group called the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. His outfit includes brownish-black boots with pointed toes and plaid patterned red slim pants.

Joker is also known for his piercing stare. He can also control the natural elements. Joker is very confident in battle. His fighting style is over the top and impresses his teammates.

Joker can also be dressed up in his school uniform. He usually wears a red buttoned black coat and plaid patterned red slim pants. His hair hangs down past his ears.


Despite being a troublesome student at Kosei High School, Ryuji Sakamoto is a perfect candidate for a Phantom Thief costume. He is often offended by other students, and is a member of the school’s volleyball club.

Sakamoto lives with his mother after his father abandoned the family. Ryuji often has to defend himself. He wears a bright yellow t-shirt with a black and pink star, and a pair of white sneakers.

Sakamoto is also a member of the Phantom Thieves. He wears a black mask and serrated swords when fighting Phantom Thieves. His Persona can also be awakened into a SKULL. He has a color scheme based on Akechi’s Crow outfit.

Ryuji has an affinity for running. When he first joins Phantom Thieves, he runs for hours in order to stay alive. He carries shotguns and clubs to defend himself.

Sakamoto also has a black eye. He has short blonde hair. He wears red and black plaid pants, and a bright yellow t-shirt with black and pink star. He is also known as Ban Ben Long Si.

Sakamoto’s character is also featured in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He is also a playable character in Persona 5: The Stage.

Sakamoto’s costume is a Limited A-Tier costume. He has short blonde hair and wears red and black plaid pants. His costume also comes with a black eye. He has a serious expression.

Sakamoto’s costume can be re-released during the Persona 5 Crossover Part 2. If you are planning on buying a costume, check the costume return policy before buying. It is important to have your original packaging and garment tags with you. The return policy does not cover stained or worn costumes.


Despite her name, Kasumi Yoshizawa is not the only Phantom Thief in Persona 5 Royal. Sumire Yoshizawa is also a playable character in the game. However, she is a different character than the one in the original game.

Kasumi is an adorable redheaded girl with a cute personality. She is a first-year student at Shujin Academy. She has a bright personality and is very kind. She has been taking part in a variety of extracurriculars, such as gymnastics.

Kasumi Yoshizawa wears a military-style jacket and a strapless black leotard. Her costume also features a waist decoration and an invisible bra strap.

Kasumi’s Confidant is a false Arcana that can only be unlocked by text invitations. It involves choreography blocks. Once unlocked, the Confidant grants the protagonist ambush abilities and +5 max HP whenever they hang out with Kasumi.

Kasumi’s Confidant can only be unlocked in Kichijoji. It starts during the 5/30 field trip. It also comes with five ranks instead of ten.

The Cognitive Copy of “Kasumi’s sister” is actually Sumire. She wears a leotard, a pair of glasses, and down-style hair. Her costume also includes a choker.

Sumire is a talented gymnast and gets involved with Phantom Thieves of Hearts. She is not a good hitter, but her skills are very good. Her hair is also very curly.

The costume materials are satin, PU leather, and alloy. It also comes with a lining cloth, eyepatch, and a coat. It’s a good costume to wear for photo shoots.

The Kasumi Persona Costume is available for preorder at Atlus. It will be released on October 31 in Japan, and in spring 2020 in the west. It will be available for 10 yen per item.

Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey

Originally a Nintendo DS game, Strange Journey is now getting a remake on the Nintendo 3DS. This version adds new content to the game, including new dungeons, demons, and a new story route.

Strange Journey, originally titled Strange Megami Tensei IV, tells the story of a team of specialists sent by the United Nations to investigate an anomaly in Antarctica. The anomaly has been causing a black hole to form, which is threatening to swallow up the Earth.

This title features a unique world and a variety of interesting characters. The characters represent different ideologies, and their motivations are varied. The player can make a variety of choices, which affects the moral compass of the character.

The game also features a unique demon-fusing mechanic, which allows the player to fuse demons together to create stronger creatures. It’s an interesting mechanic, but it can also lead to some very odd and confusing moments.

Strange Journey is a good game, and one of the best entries in the Shin Megami Tensei series. It has some excellent worldbuilding and allegorical storytelling, and a unique combat system. It also features an elemental magic system, debuffs, and a unique party-based demon-hunting system.

Although the game does not offer much in the way of stereoscopic 3D, it is still an enjoyable experience. Strange Journey is a dungeon-crawling JRPG with a unique and intriguing narrative. It also features some interesting combat, and it is easy to recommend this title to fans of the genre.

The game is a bit long, but it is worth playing. If you haven’t played the original Strange Megami Tensei, it’s worth giving this remake a try.

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