Nier:Automata Cosplay

NierAutomata Cosplay

Nier:Automata Cosplay

Creating a Nier:Automata Cosplay is a fun way to bring a Japanese anime character to life. With the right costume and wig, you’ll have an awesome look that anyone will envy. Plus, it can be a lot of fun to cosplay a character from an anime series, especially if you love the show!

Character traits

Besides the main character, there are many other interesting characters in Nier:Automata. They range from simple androids to very complex character designs. Some of these characters are quite easily identifiable, while others may be more difficult to remember. Nonetheless, there are plenty of videos out there that show them off. These videos are popular on streaming websites and on YouTube.

The main character in Nier Automata is a humanoid android named 2B. He is part of the YoRHa squad, a group of androids that specialize in close-quarters combat. He is armed with two weapons, including a large sword called the Virtuous Treaty. He is also a member of the squad’s hacker unit, called 9S.

Although 2B is one of the main characters, he is also a minor character. He is not a playable character until Route C. His main purpose is to protect his children. The player will also encounter his younger twin brother, Halua. The two will share similar black-and-white vision, as well as tunnel vision. They will also share the same blindness.

Another character in the game is A2. A2 is a mysterious android with a fierce personality. He started out as a member of the Yorha team before they were exterminated. He then deserted the group after losing his comrades. He is a ferocious, aggressive android who is also capable of skillful combat. A2 also has a knack for killing machines in pursuit of revenge.

Another playable character is Kaine. Kaine is a character that is possessed by a robot named Gestalt. She also has a very crude personality. This character can be accessed after completing side quests.

Another character in the game is Emil. This character has an emotional story to tell. His main goal is to help Yonah survive. In addition to running a weapon shop, Emil also provides comic relief. In the end, he misses his old friends, Kaine and Nier.

In the end, each character is able to show us the dangers of a pre-determined purpose. The developers have put a lot of effort into world building, as well as character construction. This means that the game will challenge the player to discover more about each character.


Known for its high quality and addictive gameplay, the Nier: Automata series is releasing for the Nintendo Switch. The game is scheduled to hit shelves on October 6th, 2022. Players can expect a full arsenal of weapons, armor, and gadgets in their quest to save the human race from the cyborg Yurha.

The most notable is the Colosseum, which is a large battle arena where you can hone your skills by engaging in battles with up to three opponents at a time. Although there are many ways to win, the colosseum has one special trick: you can earn costumes from the main characters of the first game. These costumes are only available after three playthroughs, so be prepared for some serious grinding.

The Nier: Automata game also has a few other nifty tricks up its sleeve. For example, players can equip cosmetics on the Pod models. These cosmetics will not change the character’s stats, but they will make their models look better. In addition, players can equip better melee and ranged weapons.

The Nipponbashi street festival in the Japanese city of Osaka is a good place to look for the Nier:Automata costume of your dreams. This street festival is a little different than the more common winter and summer Comikets. In addition to the more common anime and manga characters, the festival has a few more exotic ones, including Transformers and Porco Rosso. There is also a costume for the main character of the game, Nier.

The Nier: Automata game is available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Nintendo Switch version has an exclusive collection of outfits and accessories. The game was published by Square Enix. The 3C3C1D119440927 downloadable content pack for the Nintendo Switch adds a few new items, such as three new arenas and a couple additional android costumes. The 6C2P4A118680823 DLC adds six more costumes, as well as four new accessories.

The Nier: Automata game may not be available in the United States just yet, but you can expect a physical release in October. The Nintendo Switch version of the game will include a few exclusive outfits and accessories, as well as the 3C3C1D119440927 DLC.


Whether you are a gaming geek or a hair aficionado, you’ll be hard pressed to find a bad seat in the hood. You’ll find a few lucky few, but the competition is pretty stiff. Most are the type that are prone to a little too much tinkering, or worse, too little too late. Luckily, there is one company that will do your tinkering for you. They even have a rewards scheme, where the tinkerings are rewarded with a free spin on the game of your choice. They’ve got a few titles to choose from, so you’ll have no problem picking the one that suits you best.


Whether you are playing Nier: Automata for the first time or you are a seasoned veteran, you will find that the game has a diverse selection of endings. Some are heartbreaking, while others are funny. There are also a number of novelty endings. These are obtained when certain tasks are completed.

The game has an original storyline, but the main story is only half of it. In addition to that, there are several hidden lore references and sidequests that can be unlocked. As a result, there are 27 different endings. These endings will depend on what choices you make.

The main storyline follows the journey of a humanoid combat android named YoRHa No. 2 Type B, along with a humanoid NPC named 9S. The two of them are part of a YoRHa squadron that faces extraterrestrial enemies in a post-apocalyptic world.

The game features an expansive RPG, with multiple missions, sidequests, and secret weapons. These are the main reasons why the game has such a large variety of endings. Some of the more popular endings are ending T, ending E, ending K, and ending Y. Each has different perspectives of the characters.

The easiest ending to get in the game is ending T. To get it, you need to clear out an item from your inventory. You can also get it by leaving a boss fight. This will make the game give you a preview of the right path to take.

Another ending is ending D. This one requires that you gather all of the main weapons. You will also have to kill a new enemy, which will require you to use all of the weapons. After that, you need to destroy the save files from your previous playthrough. This will return you to the start of the second half of the game. Afterwards, you will be able to obtain Ending E. This is an extremely difficult fight scene against the game credits. This is one of the most popular endings, and is the one that most fans claim is the best.

The game also features a secret boss. This boss is named Emil. You can unlock this boss by completing the Emil’s Memories quest. You will also need to upgrade your weapons and self-destruct during the fight.

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