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Rolex pocket watch in hundred years adheres to the unremitting pursuit of precision timing chronograph, through continuous exploration and innovation, deduces the Rolex hall of achievement, condense its wonderful time story in a split second. Rolex’s glorious history has an indispensable role, and it is the Rolex pocket watch. Let’s look at the saga of Rolex pocket watches together.

Worldwide nostalgia boom has brought the art collection trend, and antique watch is one of its top. And the more popular at that time is the pocket watch. The watches and clocks at earlier days were large, belonging to the pocket watches. The earliest documentary records was in 1462 – a pair of pocket watch mentioned in a letter of an Italian clockmaker. In the end of the 15 century, spring driven clocks has promoted the production of a small pocket watch. In Nuremberg, Germany in 1510, the watchmaker Peter Henlein made a lot of pocket watches. After that the pockets watches gradually were popular in Europe, and became the common things of gentry and decoration of the top-grade society people. The most famous country that manufacture pocket watch is Switzerland

In the end of the 19th century, clock makers started producing watches of more compact shape. The watches in Early days were more popular among women. During the first world war, soldiers on the battlefield found that the watches were more convenient to use than pocket watches. Since then, watch also gradually popular among men in general, and gradually replaced the position of pocket watches. In modern society, there also have some men for reasons of nostalgia or decorating, they choose to wear pocket watches, But with the popularization of mobile phone, many people will prefer the mobile phones as a tool of displaying time, and this kind of “pocket” watch resurrected again.