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Recently, the chief executive of Hublot brand Ricardo Guadalupe announced to conclude the cooperative partnership with World Poker Tour in Las Vegas stop of the World Poker Tour Alpha8. WPT Alpha8 Las Vegas stop is a five-diamond classic competition, held in Bellagio hotel on December 15 to December 20, where is not only a legendary hotel, and also the Holy Land of the world poker movement, and the Poker event has attracted the world’s best professional and amateur poker player attending. Replica hublot uk also became the first luxury brand to sponsor the international professional poker tour with the identity of “official chronograph” and “official wrist watch”.

“The conclusion of this agreement once again proved the distinctive quality of Hublot watch. Before we choose the WPT as partners, not only because of its worldwide broadcast events, and the participation of the numerous high level athletes is also one of the reasons, all of this makes WPT become the Benchmark and standard in the poker sport. Hublot is convinced that this area has a large business and market potential, the success of Las Vegas and Macau boutiques is a perfect example of this possibility. Able to reach the long-awaited cooperation, I am very happy.”

The CEO of the WPT Adam Pliska said:” the Swiss luxury brand Hublot is famous in the world with its distinctive design of sports watch, and the conclusion of this cooperation will bring more value for both sides, WPT every sports broadcast will also benefit from it. In April, in the 12th champion season of WPT, Keven Stammen beat the Byron Kaverman in Borgata gambling house and won the champion and a Hublot King Power Unico watch. I’m glad in the next season, we are able to award the luxury watch with the value of near 1 million US dollar as a reward for the competition champion and watch – WPT best athlete of the year. “