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In order to celebrate Chronomat’s 30 year’s old birthday, Breitling launched a series of new Chronomat Airborne watches, giving them new appearance and technology and combining striking design and brand’s philosophy. So, Chronomat Airborne actually become a standard pole in the professional aerial chronograph watch fields.

Early in 1980th when Ernes Schneider just acquired Breitling from Willy Breitling, he heard that Italy Frecce Tricolori offered open tender for the its first official watch, so he decided to customized a brand new wrist watch that would perfectly match pilot’s needs. Then a top aerial watch made by professional pilots and watch-makers. Back then, Chronomat has a solid case and elegant lugs, clear dial, and the buttons and crown were designed according to the human engineering’s demand-every part of it, from the whole perspective to a small perspective, can satisfy professional’s demands. This watch, known as Chronomat, completely captured pilot’s heart with its powerfulness, brave design and graceful appearance and then were polled to be the official watch in 1983.

Flagship: Breitling Chronomat
Ernes Schneider sniffed that Chronomat for the Italy Air Force has expressed brand’s philosophy and duty, so he decided to build it into a flagship watch. In 1984 when it is right in the 100th anniversary, Breitling, based on this professional aerial chronograph, promoted the novelties. In the past 30 years, this amazing chronograph had minor adjustments so that it could better keep up with the trend, but the overall design remains the same and is still so recognizable, and keeps improving its performance, accuracy and reliability. In 2009, Breitling Chronomat became the first watch that was fitted with the first Breitling’s movement. As the flagship watch, Chronomat obviously has become a model and present a watch that is dedicated to excellent performance, making great achievement and self-exceeding.