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2015 SIHH is about to close and in this year’s SIHH it also brings us too many surprise, and moving moment. It seems like this year SIHH would be more colorful, so let’s see how those top watches brands have bring us. And we will begin with Cartier.

Speaking of every SIHH, then Cartier must be an striking one as it every year promote about 100 new watches, so when you appreciate Cartier watches, it requires you not only capability, it also requires enough energy. As Cartier rolls out too many new watches, what we are going to do is to categorize then to high-end watches, jewelry watches, complicated skill watches and latest watches.

The most complicated watches is minute repeater, tourbillon and perpetual calendar in Rotonde de Cartier. This is the most complicated watches ever as it is fitted with Cartier home-made 9406 MC movement. Generally speaking, Minute repeater, tourbillon and perpetual calendar watches are considered the most complicated watches, because it would be quite hard for a brand to invent one complication, let alone integrating them together. I guess, in the world, there is no more than three brands that are capable of doing that, so tourbillon seems to a criterion to test whether a watch is a complication watches.

The reason why Cartier has so much popularity is that it changes its aloof poise, and become interactive. Speaking of interactivity, we have to mention this Ballon de Cartier Serti Vibrant. 123 diamonds are placed in the dial instead of setting fixed in the dial. So when you move your hand, then that diamonds will move with you. As they are reflective, it is like open a LED lights when you wave it, quite shining. The Ballon de Cartier Serti Vibrant is the new beloved watch that is suitable for ladies and has attracted a large number of attention in 2015 SIHH.